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Learn the 5 common mistakes people make when hiring a skip that end up costing them money.

Mistake number 1. Not understanding what one cubic meter actually is.

The fact is that 95% of people do not accurately understand what one cubic meter actually is. In your every day life that is not an issue but when it comes to hiring a skip it's all about the size of the skip you need to hire measured in cubic meters.

Lets make sure you understand what one cubic meter actually is. If you imagine a box in front of you and each edge of that box was one meter long. That would form a perfect cube. If you were to pick up that cube it would be one meter wide from side to side, one meter high from top to bottom and one meter deep from front to back .The area inside that cube is equal to one cubic meter. So for example a 3 cubic meter Skip will have the same holding capacity as three of those boxes.

If you can grasp this concept it will be easier for you to look at the odds and ends you need to dispose of and estimate how many of these imaginary cubes you would fill up. For example, If you estimate that you would fill 4 cubes then you will need to hire a 4 cubic meter skip. With this in mind, have a look at the pictures of the various Skips on our 'prices' page to get a better understanding of the different sizes. Listed next to the photos are examples of the most common furniture items that will fit into each sized skip as a starting point. A basic understanding of a cubic meter will assist you in estimating the cost of your skip and will be often referred to in the remainder of this report.

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Mistake number 2. Ordering the wrong sized Skip.

It is important that you order the correct sized Skip for your job, the last thing you want to have happen is that you fill up the Skip and still have junk left over. For example, Hiring two 3 cubic meter Skips separately over a couple of weekends will always be more expensive than hiring one 6 cubic meter Skip. The example of cost is 2 x 3meter Skips at $200 each costs a total of $400. Whereas 1 x 6meter Skip costs $370 to hire. That is a saving of $30 or 10% of the cost of your skip. You will have disposed of the same amount junk but it will cost you $30 more unnecessarily. Have a look at the prices page on our website. We have intentionally put one of our drivers in each photo so you can see, to scale, how big each bin is to help you estimate more accurately which sized Skip you will need. Generally it is a good idea to move up to the next sized skip to be sure you have enough room.

Money saving tip:
As mentioned above, 1 large Skip is always cheaper to hire than two smaller Skips of half the size. If you only have need for a 3 cubic meter skip it will cost you $200. If you are friendly with your neighbours ask them if they have any junk lying around that they need to get rid of. One of them may need a 3 cubic meter Skip as well. Together you can both hire one 6 cubic meter skip costing $370 in total. That means your 3 cubic meters is only costing you $185 or half the total cost of the larger skip. Now, if both of you can find a third neighbour that wants to clean up as well you can order a 9 cubic meter skip at a cost of $460. Your 3 cubic meters is now only costing you $154 or one third of the cost of the Skip. You just saved $46.

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Mistake number 3. Not packing the Skip correctly

All to often people will just throw everything into the Skip without giving it to much thought. This will often result in leaving a lot of unused air pockets in the skip and not maximizing the amount of junk you can fit into it.

Space/ Money saving tips:
Place large items in the skip first. If you have a lounge suite, mattress or any type of bulky furniture going into your skip, place it in the bin first on the floor, then pack all other items on top of and around it.Tables, chairs, desks should have legs broken off where possible and placed flat into the skip.

A single cupboard should be placed on its back on the floor of the skip with its door opened or completely taken off and other junk thrown into it to fill the space inside . Another option with a single or larger double cupboard is to 'flatten' it. The easiest way to flatten a cupboard is to knock out the 'brace'. The brace is the backing sheet of the unit which is often made of plywood or some type of thin sheeting and is mostly only stapled or tacked onto the unit to stabilize it and to keep the integrity of its shape. From the front of the unit, open the door and push or punch the brace around its edges with the top of a hammer, it will come away from the unit, once the brace is removed (always being mindful of protruding staples and tacks) the cupboard will be a wobbly mess. Go to the side of the unit and give it a slight push and watch it disintegrate before your eyes, then simply throw all of the flat pieces into your skip.

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Mistake number 4. Mixing concrete, bricks, rocks or dirt with general junk.

If you have any of this heavy material going into the skip, it is very important that you let our staff know when you are ordering your skip. It is only then that we can implement a plan (if needed) to dispose of this material without any extra cost to you. Depending on the amount of heavy material you are disposing of, depends on the strategy we will implement.

All of this heavy material can be recycled at a fraction of the cost of it going to landfill. This means if it is loaded separately from your general junk you will save a lot of money in tip fees, as explained below.

1 cubic meter of concrete, bricks, rocks or dirt weighs on an average 1.2 tonne.

The recycling centres we have access to, will only accept clean material at their facilities. This means that no rubbish or general junk is allowed to be in any load of only bricks, or only concrete or only dirt. This clean material can then be recycled at a cost of $8.80 per tonne. So 1 cubic meter will cost $10.50 (1.2 tonne x $8.80) to dispose of in tip fees.
For example if you mixed 1 cubic meter of bricks into a skip with general junk we have no option but to unload it at landfill at a cost of $122 per tonne. This will increase the cost of tip fees to you by approx $146. (1.2 tonne x $122). As you can see there is a saving of $135.50 in tip fees if heavy material is disposed of correctly.

Money saving tip:
If you required a 6 cubic meter skip for all of your junk and within that load you had approximately 2 cubic meters of bricks that you needed to dispose of, we would split your skip up. Instead of one 6 cubic meter skip we would give you one 4 cubic meter skip for all of your general junk to go into and one 2 cubic meter skip for all of the bricks to go into. The 4 meter bin would then be unloaded at landfill and the 2 meter bin would be unloaded at the recycling centre. This simple strategy costs you no more and would save you approximately $260 in tip fees. We also give you the two smaller skips at the same price as the 6 cubic meter skip as well.

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Mistake number 5. Not using the skip

You would be surprised by the amount of people that order a skip, have it delivered and then...... don't fill it. The bin sits there empty until the day before we are due to pick it up, then in a panic the client calls our office to extend their hire which then costs them $10 per day for the extended period.

Money saving tip :
Be organized. Make sure that you have time set aside specifically to load the skip, have the junk you need to get rid of, already picked out and separated, have branches cut down and ready to go into the skip and finally, don't procrastinate. Get the job done. The sooner the skip is filled the sooner you can get on with more enjoyable activities.

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We hope these few tips gave you some ideas about how to save money when hiring a skip.

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